Home Care Services

Home Care Approach

The Client is at the center of Align Home Care services, where our focus is on the primary relationship between the Client and the Care Professional, or Caregiver.

This is proactively managed by a Nurse Supervisor, who is both a resource to our Client and their family, as well as the Care Professional.  It is a team approach, so you always have the support you need.

Furthermore, with the clinical knowledge of the Nurse, we can collaborate with the client’s Physician and other Healthcare Specialists to ensure that any prescribed treatments are being adhered to, and any relevant information is being communicated.

While there is frequent collaboration, it is important to reiterate that the Client, their health and safety, but also their independence and quality of life, remain the center of Align Home Care’s focus.

Our Professional Home Care Network

Align Home Care has established a unique Professional Network, which includes specialized capabilities and services from  which we can activate to better serve our clients.

Our network includes: Patient Advocates or Geriatric Care Managers, Medicare Home Health, Physical and Occupational Therapists, and Social Workers.

We are also able to offer additional services that are non-medical in nature. for example, services related to business matters or household maintenance – or activities that enhance the quality of life, including the arts, hobbies or general physical activity.

Customized Home Care

As a premium, customized home care service, Align Home Care can help manage and coordinate all these senior care services whether in our nearby Great Toronto area.

Not every senior home care service may be applicable to everyone with some seniors or elders preferring a more private life with less active engagement. At Align Home Care we respect our clients’ individuality and adjust our services accordingly.

We don’t look to drive our clients’ decisions, but to provide the comprehensive support to live the life they choose. 

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