Nurse Support & Oversight

Nurse Oversight, Patient Advocacy and Care Management

Managing Overall Home Care; whether coordinating and planning care or managing overall healthcare and unexpected issues, Align Home Care is there to help. We recognize you may not need or want a Nurse. We understand that and our objective is not to bring the hospital into your home.

The role of Nurse Oversight is more to provide a single point of contact. This eliminates the complexity and creates a streamlined home care solution. And if you ever need it, you have a Nurse there to support you should any specific health related issues occur.

Your Nurse Supervisor will be with you the from the beginning providing the following support:

  • Assessing your specific needs and discussing alternatives
  • Developing a Plan of Service that works for you
  • Collaborating with our Human Resource Manager to identify the best Personal Assistant candidates for you, based on their specific skillset
  • Conducting Client Specific Training, to ensure your Personal Assistants understands your needs and preferences and how to perform any specific activities
  • Proactively managing the service, providing ongoing support to both you and your Home Care Professional
  • Acting as a liaison between you, your Family, and any other individuals you want involved in your support

Patient Advocacy and Care Management

Having Nurse Oversight as part of your Home Care Solution is similar to Concierge Medicine, it there when you need it and is provided in collaboration with your overall health support network.  The benefit is that in addition to having someone directly and proactively managing your home care service, Align Home Care Nurse Supervisors can also serve as Patient Advocates and Care Managers. Here is a list of some of the added benefits of this role:

  • Skilled Nursing – a Registered Nurse is available on site when needed
  • Medical Organization – Review of Physicians’ diagnostics, Medication Review, Underlying Conditions and Family History. All of the key information healthcare providers need, particularly important in today’s healthcare system that is spread so thin
  • Attending Physician Visit – Summarizing visits for you and your family, translating medical terminology in ways to make it more easily understood, less intimidating and more manageable
  • Medication Management – Organize and Review to avoid any adverse reactions and make it easier to stay on your regimen. This includes getting prescriptions filled and alerting your physicians if there are any changes that may need to occur
  • Advocacy – In the Hospital or at your routine physician appointments, Patient advocacy is about you getting the right treatment and understanding your rights as a patient. With our Nurses having extensive experience in the Hospital Systems, they understand how to navigate the system in a constructive way
  • Emergency – When there is an emergency, our Nurses can help you make the right decisions fast not only in the beginning of an emergency but all along the way
  • Collaboration and Communication – Seamless coordination with physicians, physical therapists and any other necessary medical providers associated with the Plan of Care.
  • Professional Network referral source – Align Home Care has a significant network of well respected and high-quality providers of healthcare services as well as Professionals proving non-health related services. If needed, we can help you with the overall solution.

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