Professional Network

Premium Home Care Services – Backed by a Professional Network

A Coordinated Solution:  Align Home Care maintains a unique and established Professional Network, which includes specialized capabilities and services from across the Great Toronto.

We understand these resources may not be relevant, but they can be helpful when needed.  This allows us to better serve you as we consider ourselves as not only a solutions provider but part of an overall health system. Some of these services include the following:

Our Professional Home Care Network

  • Specialists and Primary Care Physicians – Align Home Care is well connected to a variety of Health Care Systems and Physician Groups. While you may already have your healthcare support network established, we can help you navigate and coordinate if you have any gaps or if the need ever arises.
  • Concierge Medicine and Geriatric Medicine – With the current healthcare system strained, Concierge Medicine has become a great alternative to receiving a higher level of personalized medical attention specifically focused on seniors. We work with a variety of Concierge and Geriatric physicians throughout Canada.
  • Patient Advocates, Geriatric and Elder Care Managers – We work with a variety of Advocates and Care Managers with a variety of skills and capabilities. From highly specialized and clinically focused consultants who can advise you in complex medical matters to well-rounded professionals who can help manage your overall affair. We work seamlessly with all, as our Nurse Supervisors can also function as Patient Advocates and Care Managers, and fill in the gaps
  • Medicare Home Health – If you are being discharged from the Hospital or a Skilled Nursing Facility or Rehab facility, you may often need the service of a Medicare Home Health. Our Nurses and Care Professionals have significant experience working with Home Health. Through communication and coordination, we make sure your experience is fluid and you are getting the best overall support. With our Skilled Nursing capability, we can also potentially provide services that are either not covered by Medicare or where the Medicare solution is not enough
  • Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapists – Given our experience with complex underlying health conditions, particularly related to Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, Lewy Body and Stroke, we work with a variety of therapists who specialize in targeted therapies. We can help you coordinate with these specialists. Furthermore, your Care Professionals can also support you with continued prescribed therapy exercises outside of your defined sessions.
  • Social Workers and Mental Health Workers – When mental health is a concern, sometimes Social Workers and Mental Health workers can be invaluable to helping to resolve issues with clients and with family. Align Home Care service can take all of these issues into account when customizing service and support around these needs.
  • Additional Professional Services – We are also able to offer additional services that are non-medical in nature. for example, services related to business or legal matters or household maintenance

Concierge Home Care Services

As a premium, customized home care service, Align Home Care manages and coordinates all required senior care services.

Our office Director of Client Services, and our office staff maintain relationships with both within the healthcare system and with on-health related services.

Align Home Care concierge home care services go beyond these relationships. We have an exceptional ability to find solutions.

The goal of our Concierge Home Care Service is to deliver solutions when you need them.

Some of our clients prefer a more private life with less active engagement. We respect our clients’ individuality, and adjust our services accordingly.

Align Home Care does not look to drive our clients’ decisions. We look to provide the comprehensive support our clients want, to enable them to live the life they choose.

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